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About Sprint and Nextel

Find out some FAQs and useful information about your Nextel Direct Connect account with Sprint by dialing the Sprint Customer Service Number.

  • Call a phone number from within a message with Direct Connect. To call a phone number from within a message, scroll to the phone number or Direct Connect® number to make a call or send a call alert to that number.
  • Know your options for private Direct Connect conversations. You can turn off your speakerphone so that your Direct Connect calls will not be heard by others. You also could use an optional audio earpiece through the VibraCall feature, which might be available for your phone model; it enables you to silently be notified of incoming Direct Connect calls.
  • Receive Direct Connect calls on your Motorola i580. When you receive a Direct Connect® call, your Motorola i580 phone emits a chirping sound or vibrates.To answer the call:
    1. Wait for the caller to finish speaking
    2. Press and hold the Direct Connect button on the side of your phone. Begin talking after your phone emits a chirping sound
    3. Release the Direct Connect button to listen

    To end the call:

    • If the flip is closed, press the Multifunction key
    • Press the End key
    • Press the Option key under Exit
    • Close the flip

    The call ends automatically if there is no activity on the call for a few seconds.

  • Find your Nextel Direct Connect number. Note: When exchanging Direct Connect® numbers, be sure to exchange the entire Direct Connect number (all 3 sets of numbers).
    • For Nextel phones (including PowerSource™) that number is (Area ID*Network ID*Member ID).
    • For Sprint phones, that number can be either a Direct Connect number (Area ID*Network ID*Member ID) or it can be the same as your wireless number (example: Area Code-555-1111).

    If your Direct Connect number is the same as your wireless number: When you give your number to someone who has a Nextel or PowerSource phone, make sure they use asterisks (*) to separate each set of numbers.

    To find your Direct Connect number:

    1. Press the Menu button
    2. Select My Info
    3. Scroll to Direct Connect or DC; 3 sets of numbers, separated by asterisks (*), appear. The first set of numbers is your Area ID, the second set is your Network ID, and the last set is your Member ID. These 3 sets of numbers together, including the asterisks, represent your Nextel Direct Connect number, for example, 111*222*3333.

    To find your number on a Sprint phone:

    1. Press the Menu button
    2. Select Settings
    3. Select Phone Info, and then select Phone #/User ID
    4. Your Direct Connect number is displayed as DC#
  • Make a Direct Connect call on your Motorola i580. To make a Direct Connect® call on your Motorola i580:
    1. If the flip is open, enter the Direct Connect number you want to call. If the flip is closed, choose the number as you would when making a phone call.
    2. Press and hold the Direct Connect button on the side of your phone. Begin talking after your phone emits a chirping sound.
    3. Release the Direct Connect button to listen.

    A Direct Connect call ends automatically if there is no activity on the call for a few seconds.

  • Using Direct Connect and data service in Baja, California. You don’t have to do anything to use Direct Connect or data services in Baja, California. You can use services in Baja, California, if you have services in the U.S.

    Coverage includes Tijuana, Ensenada, Tecate, Mexicali and Rosarito.

    NOTE: This feature is available only for Nextel and PowerSourceTM phones.

  • Fix an issue where your PRO-700 by Sanyo may temporarily be unable to receive incoming push-to-talk (PTT) calls. You may experience the following issue:

    Rare conditions may cause the phone to enter a temporary state where both the EVDO and PTT (Push to Talk) icons are present on the display, but incoming push-to-talk calls are not received. This issue is temporary and the device will correct itself within 30 minutes.

    To clear the phone prior to the device correcting itself:

    1. Browse to any Web page
    2. Close the browser
    3. Attempt an incoming PTT call

    This will be addressed in a future phone software release. You can periodically check for software updates to make sure your SPRING/NEXTEL DIRECT CONNECT phone has the most current version to keep it running at optimal performance.Contact the SPRINT CUSTOMER SERVICE for support

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