Any Mobile, Anytime: Numbers that are not covered with Sprint Network

Sprint Customer Service

Any Mobile, Anytime on Sprint Customer Service Network gives you unlimited domestic calls from Sprint to and from any U.S. mobile phone regardless of carrier. Any network, any time. That’s access to over 250 million U.S. mobile phones nationwide.

Sprint Customer Service Network uses an industry standard database at the time the call is made to determine what numbers are mobile numbers, this includes traditional mobile phones and pre-paid phones. These are the databases that the telecom industry uses to manage the routing and porting of all phone numbers; mobile and landline.


Any Mobile, Anytime does NOT cover:

  • Wireless voicemail calls
  • Directory assistance calls
  • Calls made or received while roaming (domestically or internationally)*
  • Toll-free numbers, 900 numbers
  • International numbers, including mobile numbers and calls to or received from Mexican or Canadian mobile phones, even they are using their mobile phone in the US
  • Landline numbers
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) numbers
  • Calls made using any other indirect methods

*If you call a domestic mobile phone while that phone is roaming or abroad, the call is covered for you, but will not be covered for the person you’re calling.

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