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Get the GoDaddy Mobile app for Android

GoDaddy Mobile App for Android Description *About our application’s requested permissions* Version 2.5 of Go Daddy Mobile requests the following non-standard permissions:’Your personal information’ This permission is required in order to auto-complete contacts in our new email client (your contact’s email addresses will appear as you are typing). Based on the way Android defines permission requests, we must ask for ... Read More »

About Prepaid Cellphones: pros & cons

  As Americans are finding ways to save, prepaid cellphones are becoming more and more popular. If you are on a postpaid plan, you pay around $100 per month and are locked in a two year contract. Prepaid cellphones offer you the same service as postpaid for a surprising price of around $45 per month without signing a long term ... Read More »

About Sprint and Nextel Direct Connect

About Sprint and Nextel Find out some FAQs and useful information about your Nextel Direct Connect account with Sprint by dialing the Sprint Customer Service Number. Call a phone number from within a message with Direct Connect. To call a phone number from within a message, scroll to the phone number or Direct Connect® number to make a call or send a ... Read More »

Sprint Prepaid Phones: pros & cons

If you are planning to try with a Sprint Prepaid Phone, here are the pros and cons to help you decide if that is the best choice for you: Pros for Sprint Prepaid Phones No Contracts One of the main reason Spring prepaid phones are becoming more and more popular is because they don’t have contracts. Having no contract gives ... Read More »

Sprint Customer Service: BilltoMobile

BilltoMobile™ is a Sprint Customer Service that gives you another way to pay for digital content from select third-party merchants. With BilltoMobile, you can purchase up to $50.00 of digital content per mobile number, per billing cycle, directly from select merchant websites and charge it to your Sprint bill. This service is automatic for all eligible customers, so there is no need ... Read More »

How to change your area code, phone number or adress on

  There may be occasions where you need to change your phone number on You can change your phone number to a different number anywhere Sprint provides service. There is no fee for changing your number when using My Sprint. Restrictions: You cannot choose a specific number. A new number will be randomly assigned. You cannot change your phone ... Read More »

Any Mobile, Anytime: Numbers that are not covered with Sprint Network

Any Mobile, Anytime on Sprint Customer Service Network gives you unlimited domestic calls from Sprint to and from any U.S. mobile phone regardless of carrier. Any network, any time. That’s access to over 250 million U.S. mobile phones nationwide. Sprint Customer Service Network uses an industry standard database at the time the call is made to determine what numbers are mobile numbers, ... Read More »

Why should I choose Sprint?

Save More. Do More with Sprint Network Get unlimited, My Way for just $80/mo Lock into unlimited talk, text and data, all while on the Sprint Network – guaranteed only from Sprint. The Sprint Unlimited Guarantee is available while line of service is activated on Unlimited My Way Plan and My Alli-in Plan. Unlimited feature available while on the SPRINT ... Read More »