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Learn more about your Bill on My Sprint

Our bill tutorials will help you learn more about the categories, charges and terms used on your monthly bill.

  • Reading your first Bill

Check the example bill and learn more about different sections of your bill.

My Sprint - Bill 01

1. Billing Account Number: When paying your bill, payments can only be made against the billing Account Number (BAN) shown here.

2. Bill Period: The billing period shows the dates this bill covers. The usage on your bill is for this time period. However your monthly recurring service charges are billed in advance.

3. Bill Date: Your bill date shows when your bill was printed.

4. Important messages: Here you will find special offers, helpful tips and information about your account.

5. Previous Balance: Your prior month’s bill amount will appear here.

6. Payments & Adjustments:Shows any payments or adjustments made to your account since your last bill. If you have more than two payments or adjustments, they will be detailed in the Details section of your bill.

7. Total amount due and due date:To avoid late fees, pay by due date shown here.

8. Contact Sprint Customer Service: All the ways to get in touch via web, phone and mobile.


My Sprint - Bill 02

My Sprint - Bill 03

My Sprint - Bill 04

9. Shared Plan: For shared accounts, this section provides a breakdown of charges by phone number. This helps you keep track of how each person is using their phone.

10. Charges: Your Sprint minimum monthly charges are shown here in addition to other purchases and usage charges accrued during the billing period.

11. Usage Summary: All usage is displayed here for each phone/device on the account. The minutes/events/KBs included in your price plan as well as any additional charges for overage are also displayed in the Usage Summary.

12. Total Anytime Minutes Used:Displays how many anytime minutes each phone used during the last billing period.

13. Your Plan: Describes the features of your plan. Since plan charges are billed in advance, the effective dates for your plan will be for the next month.

My Sprint - Bill 05

14. Add On Services: Additional services active on your phone. Please review the Charges section of your bill to view any additional charges for these services. Because service charges are billed in advance, the effective dates for your add on services will be next month.

15. Additional Sprint Charges:Charges that Sprint collects to recover costs of complying with governmental programs and mandates. These charges are not taxes or government-imposed fees.

16. Government fees & taxes: Taxes and fees imposed directly on customers, which Sprint collects on the government’s behalf.

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