Sprint Customer Service Number Assist You On Account Preferences Management

Sprint Customer Service Number can assist you in managing your online account to the preference you want anytime. It provides guide on blocking text, data, and voice as well as some of your contacts. You may also change your voicemail passcode just by logging in to your My Sprint Account. Take a look at how you can manage your account below.

Sprint Customer Service Number

Sprint Customer Service: Methods on Blocking

1. In your My Sprint Account, go to the My Preference Tab.
2. Scroll down and choose the option you want to activate. The options include the following:

  • Block Text. You can block certain text messages from a contact you don’t want to connect with. By clicking on Block Text, you can manage the incoming and outgoing messages on your phone. Contact the Sprint Customer Service for assistance on this matter.
  • Block Voice. Aside from text messages, you also can control incoming and outgoing voice calls.
  • Block Data. From your Sprint Account, you can block your device from using mobile data. For details on this, contact the Sprint Customer Service Number.

3. Complete the information required and click Save. Wait for 15 minutes for the changes to appear.

Sprint Customer Service: Changing Your Voicemail Passcode

The Sprint Customer Service can also guide you in changing your voicemail passcode. The steps are summarized below:

  1. Visit the My Preference Tab on your My Sprint Account and click on Change Voicemail Passcode.
  2. Enter the old passcode and the new passcode and click Save.

If you have more questions regarding passcode updates, contact the Sprint Customer Service Number.

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