Sprint Discount Program As Discussed By Sprint Customer Service Number

Under the Sprint Discount Program, member universities, companies and organizations as well as students and employees enjoy monthly discounts provided for by Sprint Corporations. The Sprint Customer Service Blog provides comprehensive information on this subject. This post will introduce you to the most important points on the program.

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Who Can Participate On The Sprint Discount Program

According to the Sprint Customer Service Number reps, the following may enjoy the Discount Program if they can continuously present proof of eligibility:

  • Students of member universities;
  • Employees of participating companies; and
  • Members of participating organizations

Sprint Customer Service: How To Apply For A Discount?

If you are among those eligible to apply for the Discount Program, follow the application process below to fully enjoy the discount benefits.

  1. Visit www.sprint.com/verify
  2. Key in your Sprint Wireless phone number and click continue
  3. Follow the instructions provided to complete the application process.

For detailed assistance on the application process, contact Sprint Customer Service Number.

What Are The Valid Proof Documents?

According to the Sprint Customer Service, there must be some proof documents submitted together with your application in order to be approved and enjoy the benefits of the discount program. Below are some of the valid proofs of documents:

  • Current statement of account issued within the last 90 days
  • Veteran’s ID Card or Department of Defense form 214
  • Military orders or W-2 for military employees/retirees.
  • Active membership card
  • Unexpired credit union credit/debit card

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